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We Are Together

Wuntanara – meaning ‘we are together’ – is the exciting creation of master drummer Souleymane Compo.

Our mission is to celebrate and promote West African music, dance and culture in the UK.

We offer African drumming and dance workshops in schools, regular classes and workshops for adults, African drumming and dance holidays in West Africa, as well as exhilarating live performances and community, corporate and private events.

Take a look around our site, and get in touch to find out more…



African Drum and Dance Ensemble

London’s premier West African music and dance ensemble blend red hot Guinean rhythms with soulful songs from the village, accompanied by traditional West African instruments.
Combining energetic performance with raw talent, Wuntanara and their music are paving the way as an influential World Music Band for the modern generation. Since joining forces in 2009, the members of Wuntanara have captivated fans with their signature sound and unique performances. You will be hooked from the first beat.
Wuntanara are available to perform at private, community and corporate events in London and across the UK. Contact us for bookings and inquiries.




Come and join Master Drummer Souleymane Compo’s weekly African drumming classes in djembé and dunduns (set of bass drums). 

Learn traditional African rhythms, develop your drumming techniques and have fun!

Everyone is welcome!

6.30 - 7.30 - Djembe class

7.30 - 8.30 - Dundun class

£10 for one class, £20 for both.

£60 for 4 consecutive weeks.

Venue: The Crypt at St Peter’s, Liverpool Grove, Walworth, SE17 2HH

Djembés are available to hire for £2 on request

Dunduns (bass drums) are provided.


Come and join Wuntanara’s Friday Night Drum Jam! 

Venue: Bar Etica, Page Green Road, Seven Sisters, N15 4PG.

Play, learn and laugh with Master Drummers Souleymane Compo, Ansoumana Bakayoko and Mamadou Oury Diallo.

7-8pm – Beginner’s African drumming class - £5

8-10pm – Afro drum jam - £Donation

Everyone is welcome.

Wuntanara = We Are Together!

Upcoming Events
Wuntanara All Dayer featuring Aminata Touré
Sat, Apr 04
SE17 2HH
Apr 04, 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
SE17 2HH, Liverpool Grove, Walworth, London SE17 2HH, UK
The Wuntanara African Drumming and Dance All Dayer returns on Saturday 4th April 2020. Come and join us to learn with Guinean masters, develop your skills and have fun!
Wuntanara & Aminata Touré All Dayer
Sat, Feb 01
The Crypt at St Peter's
Feb 01, 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
The Crypt at St Peter's, Liverpool Grove, Walworth, London SE17 2HH, UK
The Wuntanara African Drumming and Dance All Dayer is back with a bang in 2020!


Wuntanara’s African drum and dance workshops are great for kids:
They give children and young people the opportunity to experience West African culture first hand
Playing and dancing together promotes team working, and helps to build self-confidence
Drumming and dance are fun ways to exercise and develop co-ordination
Drumming and dance are great ways for children to channel their energy, release tension and improve concentration



We offer vibrant, authentic and engaging West African music, drumming, dance and culture to your school or community group. All our workshop facilitators are accomplished performers and experienced teachers, with DBS certificates available.


In addition to workshops, Wuntanara also offer engaging and interactive performances of West African music and dance, which are suitable for whole year groups or school assemblies. These include high calibre performances, with audience participation in clapping, singing and dancing. 


Wuntanara offer cultural holidays in Guinea Conakry and The Gambia

Come and explore West Africa - its rhythms, flavours, landscapes and culture. As the Wuntanara artists guide you through their homeland you will be able to learn African drumming and dance, while you explore rural, coastal and urban parts of the country.

Your visit to West Africa with Wuntanara will have a positive impact on local communities. Not only will you be providing employment for talented local artists, but your stay will also help to support local families and small businesses.

Contact us for more information and bookings.



Souleymane Compo is a respected djembéfola - Master Drummer - from Guinea Conakry in West Africa.

Souleymane was born into the musical tradition – his mother performed African ballet throughout the region with the local troupe, and always brought her son to the show. As a teenager he traveled to The Gambia, where he continued his training in the traditional arts with Guinean masters, in the famous Fatala Drum and Dance School. He soon began teaching African drumming and dance to students from all over the world. An accomplished dancer, he also became choreographer and lead dancer for the Fatala Ballet troupe.

Souleymane moved from Africa to London in 2004. Since then he has been teaching and performing in schools, weekly classes, festivals and private events across the UK.

Souleymane is the Artistic Director and driving force behind Wuntanara. He combines warmth and patience with great musical knowledge and skill. He is an inspiring teacher, as well as an accomplished performer.

He lives in South East London with his wife and two sons.